Sunday, May 5, 2013

We were caught over speeding!

After our two-day vacation and touring around my home province we headed back home and proceeded to ACTEX,  a by pass road  where vehicles can  drive smoothly  on a fast lane  all the way to a certain  destination without  traffic.   We were having some talks about  our  travel  when suddenly an officer from nowhere knocked at our  car window  when we arrived at the tollgate to present  to us  the  traffic violation that we just did. We were then informed  about  the  speed. We asked to consider  the  above  100 limit  but he insisted that we already exceeded the  tolerance speed  of  110.   We hit the road at  115.    The officer justified that there  were road  signs reminding drivers to drive in given limit upon entering ACTex.   So I thought our case was just needing an assistance like we need  tire changer   along  the high way for a  tire change  but it wasn't that way.  The next thing that happened was undocumented. We then proceeded the highway and drove accordingly  just  what the traffic rule  says. 

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  1. kayo ha, bat kayo nag over speeding? law avoiding citizens kayo no!!!


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