Monday, May 20, 2013

My thoughts about 80s

I   always love  to spend my time  listening to songs of my generation. They are quite relaxing  to my ear.    I would be in my bias judgement  if I say  songs in the 1980s are the best because,  of course,  I  was  born before   this  era.  I  think that  even the kids today  know  these songs and they appreciate them  too.  I  just  love   that  a  music channel  on  TV dedicated an hour and half  every night  to play  80s'  music.  Most  of  the pop music  in  80s  or  should  I say  even   70s   used  vox amplifier.   Today  musical preferences change and evolve into different styles.  They  use new electronic  instruments  and music today is enhanced with new technology around.  

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