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Anawangin and Capones Island Getaway

It is no longer a secret haven because I heard it from friends,  watched on documentary show and  read in travel blogs.  The place I call paradise,  Anawangin Cove and Capones Island.

Summer is almost over  when we finally  decided to spend  our  annual  getaway in Zambales.  I read a lot  from people who  have been there  and witnessed the beauty of nature.   I got amazed when I see the island myself.   Heaven, just heaven! 

We  always spend our annual summer getaway  in Batangas or Laguna hot springs  or just somewhere near around.    Our   kids then  enjoyed  our  vacation  as long as there is water   they never mind if  we chose the same destinations over and over again.  Since they're all grown ups now,  we let them organized and planned the trip and we just followed and agreed  to what they have set in.  Originally,  we rented a coaster van and it could have been more fun together  but the resort owner told us  that it's wasn't  available so  we ended up to  two vans  instead.  Our  driver also served as our tour guide in our  two-day trip.

So there, off we went to Zambales.   We  stayed in one of the dormitory rooms in  Sir William's Cottage with a capacity of 20 pax.  We left Manila at 5am and reached the destination at around 10am.  As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed  by the owner himself,  Mr. William and showed us the room where we would  stay.     The dormitory type room  has 3 double size beds and 2 double size double deck beds with pull-out, split type air-con, cable T.V. and a comfort room.

After we settled ourselves we then asked  the boatmen   for island tour package.  We were given the following options:  P450/head Anawangin Cove, Camara Island, Nagsasa and Capones.   P300/head Anawangin Cove, Capones Island and that  includes entrance fee of P50 to Anawangin Cove.   400/head Anawangin and Nagsasa Cove.   The   rate  depends upon the size of the boat and how many  islands to visit.

Because we only have little time,  we  settled for two islands  and charged us P300/head including the entrance fee  to Anawangin  then off we went  island hopping.    I suggest to waterproof  a gadget especially if  one  is  going to take a small boat.

It took us more or less thirty minutes on the boat to reach  Anawangin  cove.  We rode  a  mega boat   that can accomodate 35 pax. We were only about  20 or less  and the rest were left in the cottage.  I chose to stay up on the deck  and had a smooth sailing all the way to Anawangin.  I captured the  better view from the second deck.   Though  there were some waves,  it was a calm  boat ride  because  our  boat  was big and  didn't easily  sway in.

The view  on our way to Anawangin was just so wonderful.  I  am running out of  words to describe it.  I was quite entertained on the  boat ride  and did not notice the time.  It was the shortest boat ride I've ever had in my life.  I used to be always in panicky state when taking a boat ride,   not this time.   I can't help myself but be amazed  and  behold  of  the beauty of  Anawangin.   Magnificent paradise, wonderful! 

Just perfect.  I took this shot just before we landed the shoreline in Anawangin. We did not  go up  hill but it could be  more breathtaking  to take a photo from  above.  I never knew there is such place in the Philippines like this,  so beautiful.  I hope that this  little piece of paradise be spared  from commercialization  and  stays this way forever.  I've read in some blogs and saw the photos years ago.  If  I may compare, the place is already far different.  It is no longer a secret  paradise and is is being  discovered slowly by many beach goers and campers.

This is Queen  Josephine boat,  owned by Sir William Cottage that we used in island hopping.  A mega boat that  can accommodate 35 pax.

This is mandatory.  Haha.  In all the places we've been, they need to jump shot for me.  Hurrah!

It  was my first time to see Singkamas this white. I  may sound like a fool   because  I even  asked the local what he was selling.   He said that  singkamas is white when freshly harvest and  just  turns brown  when delivered to Manila.

Because it was weekend,  there were a lot of campers as expected. I could imagine a more serene view on a weekday  where  there are  lesser people on the island.

Btw, there are  no faucets,  electricity,  network signal and  hotels here.  When you need to wash the salt and sand from your body,  you need a little effort  to get some water from the  pump.

I took more shots before we left Anawangin Cove with high  hopes that the scene I captured today would still be the same  tomorrow.   It was so beautiful but I wasn't really  convinced with my  photos. I have no view from  top  and panoramic view of Anawangin. The photos here were  captured along the way and  viewed  just  a  few meters from our picnic hut.  I could  have   taken  more beautiful shots if not  because of   hot  temperature  that   added up to my pms-ing mood that day.

See more photos..

The sky was blue and perfect to sail when we went to Capones.   I was glad that   my lens  captured  this beautiful sight.   The  color of the sky reflects in the  sea that turned so blue as we sail the boat.   Just wonderful!

Off  to Capones Island

Capones Island is just about twenty minutes away from the mainland.  I asked the boatmen about the place and   gave me a few information.   The island is owned by the government and maintained by navy forces. There's an old ruin on the western part of the island, unfortunately we did not see it and the abandoned lighthouse.  I  just  took some photos from where I was seated  and did not explore the island anymore  because    I traveled with  a group and I  have to look after my two children and two nieces.   We  just enjoyed the fine white sand and clear blue water at Capones Island.

The view as get closer to the island. Breathtaking!

and more beautiful as we get closer...

There were some foreign and local  tourists  who just set up their tent in the island. There is no entrance fee here.  You just need to find a place and  set yourself where you  want to. We have no tent so we just stayed near the rock that gave us a  temporary shade.

My daughter  was amazed by the fine sand. I put a life vest for my niece just in case a heavy waves sway her in the deep.  She enjoyed the water a lot.

I should  have explored more of the island.  I couldn't believe it that I have no single photo here.  I honestly got overwhelmed with the view.

On the next day, on the shore of Pundaquit,  we spent our remaining hours  doing  other activities like  swimming and playing volleyball. 

I know I missed a lot in this travel like  trekking,  going up hill in Anawangin Cove,  camping out in one of the islands,  exploring Capones,  Nagsasa Cove,  Camara and Magalawa island and more.  There could be other reasons why.   The nature  may  have some explanation for me and so  I'll just   wait  for that answer  to come.  teehee.

I documented the fun and uploaded  the  photos  here.   The rest of the photos are on my  mind stored to last forever,   memories.

How to get to Anawangin Cove

By private vehicle.  Anawangin is located in Pundaquit Zambales. It will take about  three or four hours from Manila. You may opt to stay in a resort in Pundaquit  or just go directly to  Anawangin cove where you can set up a tent.   Head to end of  NLEX  and pass  DAO exit. Follow the signs to SCTEX then   Subic which is heading to the right.  Exit  Subic.  Turn left when you reach Olongapo Public Cemetery.  Towns  to pass by:  Subic Town, Castillejos, the San Marcelino.  There is an intersection at  the public market in  San Marcelino.  Turn left to San Antonio.  Follow the signs to Pundaquit.

By public transportation.   Take Victory Liner  from Pasay or  Cubao Stations  going to San Antonio, Zambales.  From San Antonio, take a tricycle ride  and ask the driver to bring you  to Pundaquit.  From Pundaquit, get a boat that will take you to Anawangin or any islands.  I heard that there is a standard boat fare now  so you wouldn't need a good negotiation skill  to haggle for a lower  price.


  1. it's my fisrt time to see singkamas that BIG! nice, nice place!

  2. ang laki ng mga singkamas! yummy isawsaw sa suka.

    i've always wondered about anawangin pero never ako sumama sa lahat ng nagyaya sa akin dyan. haha.

  3. @joy, @reena,

    How ironic when all you could see is singkamas in this post. I should promote Singkamas in my next post haha.

    @reena, you should see the beauty of Anawangin as it may look different in one or two years to come.

  4. We've been planning to visit Anawangin Cove hope to make it happen. - KarenT

  5. I've never been to Anawangin but it looks like a nice place to go to!

  6. Lovely place! I wish we could visit Anawangin Cove and Capones Island, too, someday.

  7. is this capones? coz the anawangin I saw 2 years ago was not as lovely as this I've been there too haha... well its a nice place but not that pretty as the other beaches i've been to

  8. You rode pala my boat, Queen Josephine!


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