Monday, May 13, 2013

Exploring Taal 5 - Other Places to Visit

Before heading home,  we stopped  by at Balisong town.  Joy was fascinated with little Balisong Knife as keychain and bought one as souvenir.

We dropped by in my own hometown where my sister prepared lunch for us. Thank you dear sis for the sumptuous lunch! 

We could have explored more but the kids seemed to be tired already  but I suggest to include  the  following places if you are planning to explore the heritage town, Taal.

Other heritage Sites:

Gregorio Agoncillo (White House)
Marcelle Agoncillo Museum - Maker of National Flag
Galleria Taal

Visit Taal Market and discover native products such as Barong Tagalog, Burdang Taal.  You may also try their local products such as  tawilis, longaniza, tapang taal, panutsa, suman, kalamay and other local product.

Visit local restaurant or carinderia and order Sinaing na Tulingan and Adobo sa Dilaw.

The photo above was taken  from my old archive. We bought Panutsa ang Tapang Taal At Taal Market

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