Sunday, May 5, 2013

My dumb mistake!

What just happened? I accidentally pressed "one-step recovery" key in my daughter's laptop the other day. I felt I was the dumbest person on earth and I wanted to bang myself on the wall. It was a little mistake but caused a big trouble. My daughter burst herself into tears when she finally learned about it. All her old files, documents, downloaded movies and everything were totally erased from the system and the worst thing is, she has no back-up of all those files. I felt really guilty and expressed my sincere apology and promised that I will make up and try to download some movies and other files. Of course there is no way I could retrieve the photos back. :( If I could just buy gold for her as a gift, I will buy her right away to pacify her and help her move on and forget what happened. My dumb mistake! I wish I could just turn back the clock and restore just before the time of the day it happens.


  1. oh no! sorry to hear about this. try using dropbox so she can store her files anywhere.

  2. instead of gold, you bought her j.cob, hehehe...


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