Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exploring Taal 1 - Little Bridge Resort

It  wasn't my first time to visit this place.  As Little Bridge Resort, yes,  because the last time I  was here,  the place  was still known as R & L Resort and that was many  years ago.  Today, it is known as Aplaya de Botong Spiritual and Wellness Center.  To give you a brief history,  the resort   has undergone three sets  of management.   Previously,  it was famous by  name  Sea Breeze,  R & L Resort  and Pleasant Grove.

We  stayed  in the resort  and booked in hotel room  for overnight after  exploring heritage sites in Taal which is just a few minutes away  from  the main town.

The resort has actually  4 pools.  Two pools, (kid pool and adult pool with 8ft  deep)   intended for  hotel  guests  while  the other two pools are  for cabana, apartment and  day trippers.

The  kids  enjoyed the  8 ft deep pool and  do lap swimming for hours. 

Aside from the enchanting and refreshing pool  by which the children enjoyed a lot,  the beautiful sunset and these beautiful  bountiful trees ready for harvest   gave us a  feeling  like we were on  a  grand  vacation.  We were  allowed  to pick some,  enough  to fill our  cravings. 

Love, love the place.  I highly recommend  for families, friends and those  who are looking for some leisure  time  yet peaceful  and quick getaway.   Next best stop  after touring Taal.

My  daughter just couldn't stop clicking on her camera  for her intashot.  This is what we call selfie photos,  taking photos all by herself.

Enchanting  sunset at Taal.

My misty shot.  As soon as I woke up the next morning, I got my camera  and walked around the  resort.  This is  what happened when my camera sleeps in a room of high cool temperature. There is no fog here. A moist in my  lens gave me a  hazy  shot  like this.

We settled our breakfast  from fast food delivery.  By the way, the hotel has own restaurant. You can order   at the restaurant  and they also serve local  food like  Tawilis, Tapang Taal and more.  We did not bother to grill some pork,  fish and other breaky food because  kids only  want  pancakes, eggs and hotdogs.   Corkage fee is charged when you bring  food inside.

Caption  the following photos...

The last two photos are from Joy. I just copied our group pic and photo op with Resort Manager.  Thank you so much  for  accommodating us and making us feel comfortable and at home during our stay.

It was a grand vacation for us.  The place is perfect for family getaway who needs to enjoy and relax with spiritual aspect.  This is another  unforgettable summer  vacation  with  Mendiola and  Borje Family.  Awesome!

When we checked in at the resort, we  know  its name as Little Bridge Resort.  When we checked out, we just discovered that they already changed the name to Aplaya de Butong Spiritual and Wellness Center.  The name  just  justifies itself  why the place  is so serene, quiet  and so calm. 

Just to to give you a brief information about the resort.

All rooms are airconditioned.  Hotel and Cabana have 3 queen size beds.  We opted to stay in a hotel room near the pool with the capacity of  6 to 10 persons.    Please check their  FB Account:   Aplaya de Butong  or  visit their website for more details.

Aplaya de Butong Spiritual & Wellness Center
formerly  Little Bridge Resort
Barangay Butong
Taal Batangas


  1. Oh It's sooo nice Place I Love it. Pwedeng balikan.

  2. hi! do you have a contact number for this resort?

    1. Hi Mai, you may check the website +63 (43) 421-1625 or use the contact form. You my also visit their fan page, link posted above. thanks


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