Sunday, May 5, 2013

My JCo Story

Each of the customer you see  that lines up in front of JCO has its own story to tell. Just like any of them,  I wouldn't waste my time waiting in  line for two hours for no reason at all.  Yes people!  Two hours of waiting and it has no exaggerating words involved.   I am a fan of donut  and  JCo just proved  why they're now the latest  craze in town.  Search  for  JCo and you will find other  people's review over  those  holed flavored sweet doughnuts.

I went to Trinoma to cover MEZZA NORTE event last Friday night. I have been telling my children  before that I will buy them JCO donuts when  there is  a  nearby  JCO  but everytime  I see  a store with people  in a zigzag  line, I always find  another store instead  like KK, NutsGonuts  or   Dunkin  Donuts.  Last Friday,   I  was determined to get a box of JCO donuts.  Why?  Read  my previous post.

Ok, enough for my wordy post. So truth be told.   The young man standing before me with  a bear stuff on his  hand has his own  explanation  too.  For two hours of  waiting, I got to know his justifiable cause,  enough for him to wait for long hours.  That is, to buy donuts for his girlfriend!  Ooh.  That was really sweet!   I wish I could say congratulations  to his girlfriend  finding such a man so rare today.   Oh well, just as   how he justified his,  two hours for me  weren't  enough to repay  my daughter  for  accidentally  erasing  her files. At least to say,  I sincerely apologize.

I'm waiting, waiting, just waiting,  I'm waiting, waiting in loooong zigzagging  lines...

and waiting...  and the staff gave a glass of water to some of  their customers while waiting..and waiting again.  I wish  that my  iPad  wasn't disabled that day so I could have used up my time blogging while waiting in  a long long line.  

and still  waiting..  An aerial view would have been better to give you  an idea how it looked like.  I was on the 70th when I arrived.  Seriously,  no joke.

Finally!  Yes, finally after two long long hours!  I left the store at 10:30 and there was about 50  more people outside waiting. And the staff once asked the customers one by one how many boxes  to order  to  determine and estimate  the boxes of donuts they  need  and how many customers to accommodate.  And I asked the staff,  "how many more boxes of donuts are available?"  He replied, at 10:30pm,  "we only have 150 dozens  available."   It  looks like they  need to cut down the line and give the last customer  to be served  a banner that says,  "last customer."  for the day.

So that's my  JCo story.  What's yours?


  1. Wow, congrats sis! I have been to JCo yet. Good luck sa'kin. Gawa nalang ako ng sarili kong donuts sa bahay. Tiis muna sa lasa until konti na lang ang craze at mas marami ng branch ang JCo. Hahaha!

  2. I love J.CO donuts even their beverages! yummy! Just before New Year's eve, I promised to bring home 4 boxes for the entire family and relatives, just like your experience there was a long line and they even told us that they already stopped accepting customers as early as 11am bec they already exceeded the no. of donuts made for the day. It's worth the wait naman! Anyway, I'm sure there'll be more stores to open.

    Hugs and kisses, Nora!

  3. i will not wait for 2 hours for a donut but if i accidentally delete john's files, malamang pipila ako kahit 5 hours, hehehe! i'll send you my jco story once done.

  4. @Mrs. Kolca, naku sis, wait ka na nga till mag open nang iba pang branch, hehe.. you must have a big reason other than their authentic and yummy dough dahil sobra talagang effort at patience invest mo to have those holed sweets. :)

    @Marjorie, thank you sis. you're story is amazing, of course like all of us, for the family go lang kahit ilang oras pa sa pila. it's all worth it naman.

    @Joy Mendiola, naku girl, don't say it even as a joke, hehe.. tama ng pumila ka sa JCO for one reason, yung matikman mo ang masarap nilang donut. teka bakit nga ba sobra talaga pila? I will post my review in my site *plugging. :)

  5. grabe tlaga ang J.Co but at least si hubby ko ang pumipila hindi ako. and he's experienced waiting in line for 2 hrs usually and one time for 3 hrs. in Greenbelt branch. but there's really good reasons why people wait in line like this. i can attest sobrang sarap tlaga ng J.Co donuts. people who havn't tasted will say to the people in line that thy're crazy. well they're really crazy over the taste of donuts nothing compares tlaga. sorry nobela na tong comment ko. just can't help it hehe. thnx!


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