Thursday, May 16, 2013

Supermoms Take Center Stage

Good Housekeeping is celebrating its 15th anniversary and its Mother's Day issue comes with a special supplement—the Nido Supermom. This special magazine has Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan on cover, together with other supermoms—prima ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, musician Barbie Almalbis-Honasan, animal welfare advocate Tanya Guerrero-Becker, and pastry chef Pixie Sevilla-Santos. These supermoms share how they have been pursuing their personal passions while putting their families as top priority. But beyond their stories, the Nido Supermom magazine is packed with meaty topics tackling spending time with children, parenting and learning styles, budget management, and more.

There's a lot to learn from the supermoms, so grab your copy today. The Good Housekeeping issue featuring Regine Velasquez on cover, is out in newsstands only this May.


Are You A Supermom?
It takes a super drive to be a supermom.
What drives the new generation of supermoms, then?

In this special Mother's Day magazine Nido Supermom, Sharon Cuneta talks about her seasons in life, Barbie Almalbis shares her order of priorities, Lisa Macuja sheds light on schedule management, Tanya Guerrero pours her heart out talking about her passion, and Pixie Sevilla shares her sweet spot. They define what a supermom is in different ways. Catch their stories in the Nido Supermom magazine which comes together with the special anniversary issue of Good Housekeeping, out in newsstands and bookstores this May.

As you read through their stories, also get a chance to find your own strength and style as a supermom, plus, get the opportunity to receive a special treat as you enjoy reading this supplement's pages during your me-time.

Share Your Me-time with Supermoms

Supermoms Sharon Cuneta, Barbie Almalbis, Lisa Macuja, Tanya Guerrero, and Pixie Sevilla want to share their me-times with you, too. In the special Nido Supermom issue which comes bundled together with the anniversary issue of Good Housekeeping featuring Regine Velasquez on cover, these modern-day mommies, share their simple joys and their own challenges as parents.

But spending your me-time with the Supermom issue, brought to you by Nido Fortified, is even made more worthwhile because of the special topics written by experts, featured in the magazine. Read One Hour Can Make a Difference, To Explore is to Learn More, The New Generation of Supermoms, When Parenting Means Letting Go, Temperament and Learning Styles of Children, and more. And as you do spend time with Supermom, you may also just get a special treat. So make your May me-time count—grab a copy of the Good Housekeeping issue today!

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