Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rehabilitation Therapy

Some of my classmates in college are now living abroad. I got to talk to one of them who used to be my buddy since high school via internet. I am happy to see her living a happy life with her family. I cannot name here for some reasons. The last time that I saw her, and that was during our college days, she seemed lost in the world. She went to the process of rehabilitation to help her cope up with her life. If not, she could have been somewhere else or worst, she could have ended her life her way.

There are lot of ways and agencies to help your loved ones get through with the process. Medical centers, california rehabs and other institutions provide this kind of treatment. I should know. My brother went through this process. If not for the love, the rehab and sound help for recovery, he could be a burden till now, not only to the government but to the whole community as as well.

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