Friday, April 15, 2011

A Bad Credit

I always wanted to have a credit card of my own and almost tempted to apply for one. I love seeing my friends enjoying their credit cards when shopping. If you are a credit card holder, it is just right to purchase within the limit. When at the mall, sometimes you just go on shopping till you drop even if you intend only for one particular item. Before you knew it, you already buried yourself into debt. Over spending only comes to your senses when the bill arrives and the amount surprised you as if you don't know about the purchase.

Are you one of those who never think before making a purchase? an impulse buyer? Then debt help could be the answer to it all when you don't know what to do with your bad credit. We all love shopping but when the bill comes with bigger amount than what we've ever imagined, it always becomes a burden to us. Honestly, I can't sleep well even with unpaid utility bills so credit card is definitely a no no for me. I stay away from all those things that I consider a bad credit.

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