Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mommy Moments: Proud Moment

This will be my new home for my Mommy Moments entry. I have been inactive in joining this meme and this post will be my first entry here, so please welcome me back as I joined Mommy Moments today. :) I'm glad that my first post theme is proud mommy moment.

Three days ago, just before schoolyear ends, my older daughter handed me the results of her Diagnostic Test. She got superior grade in English and high average in other subjects. She is only twelve and she is an incoming Junior High next school year. As a mom, bragging about our children's accomplishments seem to be endless. No matter how big or small, these moments are something that we should be proud about.

These grades are just too good to be kept it in a folder file. I can only share the results of the test. She doesn't want to face the camera anymore. She is getting very conscious these days. She loves camera only when she's groomed and in her best pose.

And this is my younger daughter and she has her moment too. I love it when I need to take her a photo. She's always ready for the camera and knows how to strike her best pose.

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  1. congrats to your daughter! yes, as proud moms, we do have bragging rights when it comes to our kids' achievements :)

  2. welcome back mommy! :D

    and congratulations for having bright kids! :D

  3. wow! smart kid you got there, mommy... congratulations!

  4. mahiyain na talaga si ate...weee...buti pa to si bunso...model on the go...hehehe!

    congratulations...happy momma!


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