Friday, April 29, 2011

He Needs to Work Out

This is an old picture of my nephew taken last year during our family getaway in Laiya. He's quite shy and not a good mixer with other boys. He is active in a dance group lately but he is still an introvert type, alone with his own thoughts. Joining a group somehow developed his personality but I remind him to give priority to his studies. In our last family reunion, he was with other group and he seemed focused only with his own team. He is still young but already conscious about his looks. Well, dancing maybe honed his muscles but he still needs pre workout supplements and other vitamins to keep him going. Dancing gave him a chance to show his talent but not a sufficient reason for giving up his school. I believe he is intelligent receiving awards in grade school years. I hope he allows more time to focus on his studies and dancing as only a hobby and not as a career someday.

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