Monday, April 4, 2011

Cool Summer with Magnolia Ice Cream

I remember this tag line when I was a child, "happiness is sharing an ice cream!" When it comes to ice cream, we only knew one brand, Magnolia and that was during my generation. I'm happy that Magnolia Ice Cream made a comeback few years ago and my kids finally got the chance to taste the creamiest ice cream too.

Summer seems to be cool this year. Oh yeah! Magnolia Ice Cream will make it coolest for you. Last Friday, April 1, 2011, Magnolia Ice Cream introduced SPINNER, the coolest new product along with other Magnolia Ice Cream frozen delights during Magnolia Summer Bloggers' Party held at Executive Dining Room (EDR), San Miguel Corporation and I was so lucky to be part of the event.

Bloggers came in their summer attire along with Ms. Rizza Diaz, the host of the party, in her summer hair. There's a Q & A portion wherein bloggers were given a chance to ask questions about Magnolia Ice Cream.

Velasco Brothers performed their unbelievable stunts. I was in awe while watching this. Look how one of the Velasco's did the balancing here. Those are real glasses.

The new Magnolia Ice Cream mobile vending was introduced too. Don't be surprised if you see these Magnolia Ice Cream peddlers roaming around the town with Magnolia Ice Cream. Isn't that cool?

My friend Jenny won the Best Summer outfit. She's just so cool in her summer get up.
Other bloggers who won the title along with Jenny

Prizes were raffled off to bloggers.
I did not win any of the raffle prizes but I felt I've won too with the thermo bag full of Magnolia Ice Cream frozen delights that I took home for my kids. Just imagine how delighted my kids were. (and me too) Sad to say, it didn't last long. We just can't stop licking and slurping on the ice cream bar.

Magnolia Ice Cream products:


Coolest flavors for kids and kids at heart only with Magnolia Frozen Delights! Get surprise top ups when you try every flavor! Ice Cream on Stick (ICOS) dipped in chocolate dip that comes in different colors that will excite and surprise the consumer. Available in 65 ml for only P10.00
  • Cool Bubblegum
  • Cotton Candy
  • Choco Loco


Ice Cream on Stick (ICOS) with inclusiion like cookies and cheese. Available in 65ml for only P11.oo/pc

  • Cookie Craze
  • Cheesy Bliss


Ice Lolly (Quench your summer thirst and cool your hot summer days and nights with Magnolia Frozen Delights "Popsies". Available in 70 for only P10.00/pc

  • Choco Cool
  • Orange Chill


Chocolate coated ice cream on stick topped with rice crispies (Pinipig)
Flavors so unique only to Magnolia Ice Cream. Available in 65ml for only P13.00/pc
  • Vanilla Crisp
  • Sweetcorn

Go for crispy cool!

Crispy cool is an ice cream cone with chocolate ripple and topped with nuts. Available in 110ml for only P20.00. This product is available in two flavors:
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

The newest flavor Magnolia Ice Cream Guimaras Mango Flavors, (Manga't Kasuy & Mangoes and Cream) launched last March 25, 2010. These flavors are available in 1.5L for only P230.00

Experience the coolest summer! Please visit Magnolia Ice Cream website at or via Facebook account Magnolia Ice Cream Facebook Page.


  1. the summer bloggers' party seemed awesome from the photos. :)

  2. wow coolness! COngrats to Jenny! ahahaha she deserve it!

    And wow so many ice creams!!!


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