Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Daughter's Eyeglasses

Have you seen the latest photo of my older daughter wearing over sized eyeglasses? I don't know about the teenage trend but she kept on telling me that wearing such makes her feel good and trendy. About a month ago, we visited the optical clinic for her eye check up. She wears reading glasses with 325/200 vision and it gets higher every year. At least twice a year, we visit optical clinic to correct her eye vision. My younger daughter wears eye glasses too. At times, my older daughter looks funny with her over sized glasses but I can do nothing but agree with what she calls "trendy and geeky look." Oh well, maybe we have generation gap and I can't understand how she interprets trendy and geeky. We have different views in choosing eye glasses. But whatever it is, I hope her vision gets better and healthier in the future. If we cannot prevent it, at least she wears the proper eye glasses and observes healthy practice to avoid eye problem.

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