Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Model Unit

I fell in love with a condo unit during site viewing long ago. I knew I'm in love because I can't get over with it and it keeps haunting my mind that someday I can afford to invest in real state too. I may sound too ambitious here but before you disagree with me, you should see the model unit first. I bet you'll fall the same way too. It is simple yet elegant and space won't be a problem at all even if the floor area is quite small. It is provided with modern set of furniture, vanity cabinets and other appliances. Each room has its own TV but it didn't eat much space even if the television stands are quite big.

I am posting a photo here because I believe in positive vibes and I'll keep believing that I will have this unit if not now and not the same unit, maybe in the future. There's still hope for everyone right? I just bought a lotto ticket this afternoon. Who knows I'll win in the next draw.


  1. Hope you do get it! It looks great!

  2. You can do it sis, mamoolah naman si papa eh.

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! condo! condo! condo!! sakin k kukuha ha ;D

  4. nako, carry mo yan te oi...dami mo kayang savings jan...ehehehe! it looks elegant.


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