Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye Friendster

There's a time for Hello and time for Goodbye. Once famous, now neglected and forgotten. I myself speak as I already forgot my password and had to email them for my PW. Last night, I heard it over the news on TV about Friendster bidding goodbye; and that it will last only until the end of May; that I have to transfer my photos and important files in my account. I actually received an email from them a week ago but did not pay attention in it. I have been inactive in this site since Facebook came my way. FS is planning to turn their old social networking site to entertainment site. That's good. You got to move on.


  1. a bit sad about this!facebook has the lead eh!

  2. hahhaha...ako din te...dko na nga rin alam kung ano yung log in ko don! some of my blogger friends...I met them through friendster.

  3. oh, thanks for the info. i have started blogging at friendster:) got to extract them,sayang nman...:)


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