Monday, April 4, 2011

Carefree Wow Poise Magazine Contest!

Being the #1 liner in the Philippines, CAREFREE® understands this generation of girls and believes that big confidence comes from the littlest things. From the everyday fresh panty feeling that comes from CAREFREE®, one can always be wow-poise! And now, CAREFREE® is giving girls more reason to show off their confidence in style.

Girls are naturally magazine fanatics as this is part and parcel of their growing up years. CAREFREE®, in partnership with Candy Mag, now offers barkadas a chance to actually be on the cover of their own magazine.

If you are carefree, confident, fun, feminine and vibrant, what better way to show it off to the world than being in your own magazine together with the girls that matter most to you, your friends!

Be a part of the first ever CAREFREE® WOW POISE Magazine, better yet, be the cover!

It is so easy to join. Just log on to Facebook, like “Carefree Daily Specials”, register your barkada name and send in a photo of you and your best friends. With twelve different exciting themes to choose from, you and your friends will have a great time hamming it up for the cameras.

Twelve CAREFREE® Wow-Poise barkada winners will get to enjoy full professional photo shoot as they prepare for their magazine shots. From those twelve finalists, one lucky set of friends will be the winning barkada of the CAREFREE® Wow Poise Magazine first ever cover.

So don’t waste a minute and log on to Facebook and find yourself with your friends on the cover of a magazine. Wow everyone with your poise. Make your everyday look snapshot ready with a little bit of Wow-Poise. Be fresh, be confident, be carefree and enjoy every moment with your best friends with a little help from Carefree. Because with Carefree you can have the absolute Wow-Poise confidence that’s worth showing off in the cover of a magazine!

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