Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dental Check Up

Last week, I noticed that my daughter's teeth were starting to form unaligned. New set of permanent teeth are about to come out so I set an appointment with the dentist and visited the clinic that day. The dentist advised us for a panoramic x-ray to know the root and the position of canine tooth and other permanent teeth which are about to come out. I asked the dentist if I can take a picture for her very first teeth filling, and she said yes, so I did. I am glad that my daughter developed no fear on seeing a dentist. I never had a hard time convincing her to visit the clinic for dental check up.


  1. Yay, magkakaron na ng oermanent teeth si bunso weee. dalaga na lol..

  2. dalaga na si bunso...ehehehe...visiting here te!


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