Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Classic Look

If there is one part of the house that I want best, it would be the kitchen. Kitchen is the heart of the home for me. I am a certified foodie and kitchen is on top of my list should I decide to have a little renovation of the house. I love cooking and thought about baking too but I don't have cooking and other baking equipments. Finding a store for all your kitchen needs is easier if you only discover a site that answers everything, even for your kitchen cabinet store. Personally, I prefer a deep cherry color for cabinets. It just looks so appealing to me. I think it looks very ancient but the modern side is still there. I don't put decorations in the kitchen or in any other parts of the house. I want to keep the house simple yet elegant. Are you dreaming of classic yet kitchen with modern facilities too? How about cabinets? Look no further, head on to the link above and discover more of the cabinets available online now.


  1. i want a cabinet for our living room :D I want some decors...our house is so bare...pero saka n pag green card holder na LOL ;))

  2. I would love to have a bigger kitchen with more cabinets;) and of course a working station.


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