Sunday, June 6, 2010

a vacation treat

I felt bad when I learned that my friend's house was robbed last week. She was totally devastated and it happened two days before her birthday. I felt sad for her as she treasured everything with what the robbers took from the house, including laptop, money and jewelry. But then, I told her that all those stuffs were only material things and in no time, she can buy all those gadgets again. I'm just glad that her family were all ok and safe. It happened while she and her kids were sleeping. I was chatting with her that night and I was really surprised the next day when I learned about that robbing incident in her house.

How I wish that I was beside her to comfort her that time. If only I can give her a gift like booking her to a caravan park holiday, then I would. She would be very happy for sure. She's a beach person and I guess, if I book her with this vacation, she would be very surprise. I think she needs a much relaxing time for herself. I could sense that she's a little bit stress lately and it is just perfect to give her a vacation treat. Wow, I only wish I could do that and we can spend some time together in yacht, sipping wine, or relax ourselves by the sea. Oh my, how I wish that gennie in bottle would come and grant all my wishes today.


  1. Good thing they weren't harmed...
    you are such a sweet friend...

    Happy Sunday!

  2. i feel for marge too! We have been robbed last year too, pero all things work together for good, so kahit masama ang loob, pinipilit kong kalimutan!


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