Thursday, June 3, 2010

Clean the Proffesional Way

If you visit me home, if I'm not blogging, probably you will catch me in my daily apron, cooking or baking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, dusting, giving bath to my pet and all the chores for one stay at home mom tasks were all in my hand. If you would ask me if I have gotten fed up to all these, absolutely not! I love being stay at home mom, and I'm happy seeing myself doing what I've been dreaming of in my life. But wait, if a professional cleaning service would do everything for me, then that would be so much of a fun for me. I would have much extra time for myself and do blogging.

I remember two weeks ago when we went to the beach. I was really tired from that weekend getaway. It was only a day tour and very tiring trip as expected. I've posted in my previous entry how tired I was and what welcomes me after our vacation. List of things to do were lined up, tons of laundry, cluttered and messy house, up to neck dishes and everything that is tasked for stay at home mom. I've got no choice but do it myself and busied myself that day. I've got nobody to rely on and complain as I'm the queen of the house. Oh my, how I wished that day that professional cleaning crew would come to my house and do all the tasks for me. I really was exhausted then. My muscle pains a lot. My body just wants to lie down in a couch as I was like a rotten vegetable already. If only I have called for these people, then I would have enough time to relax. Well, the next time it happens again, I would definitely call for service. I don't want to get my body exhausted again and so I will have more time for blogging. They're just one call away anyway.

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