Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nostalgia#3: so 80s


This would be my third entry for Nostalgia.
Let's take a trip down to nostalgia lane. I'll be featuring 80s music today.

I choose this entry as I love 80s so much. The likes of Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears, Survivor, Duran Duran, Prince makes me nolstagic of the past or rock love songs of Europe, Toto, Guns N Roses. How about the songs of Expose, Eurythmics and many more. Aaahh so 80s. Whenever I hear the song "Everybody wants to rule the world" or any songs from 80s, it brings back memories of the past, enough to keep me up for the day. I just love the song so much. The CDs here are my favorite. I often play the CD that even my kids know the songs already and they sing with me too. Oh, it seems like yesterday when it was a hit and playing on the radio.

Do you love 80's music? I am so much of the 80's. I won't trade 80's music to any of today's hit. I bet you agree with me.

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  1. Hahaha, I totally agree with you. Even hubby love 80's music too. Naiimagine ko habang kumakanta ka nakapikit pa mga mata nyahaha, feel na feel.

  2. I love the music of the 80's myself!

  3. Music lover, I love the music of John Ford Coley, beatles, carpenters and eagles, ay Abba pa pala.. yon mga music na yon di nga lumalaos..

  4. Sister .... ahahahahhahah! relate na relate.... sarap kaya nito sa ears... yung mga music ng anak ko ngayon di ko maintindihan yung words ... hahahahhah ulit ... love it...

    Joined Nostalgia too here

  5. whoa! baby pa ako nyan way back in 1980's kasi i was born in 1983. hehehe! but 1980 is my mom's favorite!

  6. Yay ito na ang mga 80's hehehe,. i agree with old songs are very good compared sa mga new song ngayon. My hubby love 70's and 80's kahit wala masyado sa FB hala hinahanap.

  7. ay naku, appear tayo sa 80's music, di ko rin ipagpapalit. wahhhh! ssan ba may tinda nyang cd's na yan, bibili ako..ay pa burn na lang ako ke honey..

  8. oh my...hubby and I love the 80's songs.....I was born on the 80's....ehehhehe!

    me too...I will not trade 80's music...mas maganda kasi yung originals....most songs these days are remake.

    Mine is here. So Nostalgic

  9. I like old music in the 80's also. Happy Nostalgia. My late entry is up.

    Mine is here

  10. love ko din ang 80's music.. especially New Wave =) hubby loves it too, panahon nya kasi yun eh..


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