Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Accounting

A very good friend of mine has been in the company he's working for over a decade now. I salute him for being so loyal to the company. He's about to retire now but he's thinking of putting a small business in his town. I've been bugging him to move to new a location but he is determined to stay there for life I guess. I told him he can set up a new business of his own but was scared running a business without any knowledge about accounting. He's not aware about the website all about Certified Public Accountants. The website does not only specializes in CPA's but also about licensing and best cpa review. I think this career is booming these days.

I'm in a hurry now. Sure he will be happy about this. He hasn't decided yet but soon as he knew it, I have no doubt he would keep this plan as he is retiring very soon. I couldn't think of any business right now, but definitely I would follow the trend of business today. Accounting related business is on my mind but I'll invest in something that I know I can hold on when I retire. Oh no. I want to invest money smartly, I don't want to grow old and be a burden to my children in the future.

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  1. I started my own jewelry business when I resigned, after working for 8 yrs in the same company. I just hope it wouldn't be a one-time deal =)


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