Tuesday, June 8, 2010

smart buyer

We're planning to go out tomorrow to buy more supplies since we only have six days or more for school opening. My children agreed to eliminate shopping of unnecessary stuff and shop only those that are really needed for school. Other school things like school shoes and bags were the ones they used last year and that's fine with them. They understand that days are getting harder and this is just part of our cost cutting measure. My teenage girl likes to buy more books rather than any other stuff and I think that's good for her. She's a bookworm. The only supplies that we bought the last time went out malling were pens, pencils and notebooks. I'm glad that my children were not after for material things and they're happy and satisfied only with what they have.

I bought ink last month but I think it is already empty. My little girl used to print pictures straight from the camera and that consumes much of the ink. Anyways, I'll check it online and see more available supplies. I'm a smart buyer and I always look for ink price comparison to help me choose quality and affordable product. I think I need to remind my children to just have the pictures printed in photo shop to save enough ink so that they can use it for their school project instead. Be a smart mom too, compare the prices first before you finally place your order online.

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