Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Business Card

I hardly remember the names of the person in any meetings or even simple gatherings that I have attended before. When I went to attend in a blogger's event few weeks ago, I only remember those who gave me business cards. When I got home, I checked each of their website as indicated in the card. I realized then how important it is to have a business card especially if you own multiple account. I find it hard to remember the url address of any blogs except if it is provided in the card. So it is just important to have a business card where you can put all the important details including your name, company, url of your blog, telephone number and email address.

I just thought of getting my own custom business cards today. The next time I attend to an event, I will no longer use a pad and pen for my contact details. A unique design is also important to recognize and remember the owner of the card. So check out the link above and create your own design now!

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