Sunday, June 27, 2010

Internet Marketing

Now that there is an Internet Marketing Company, building traffic and gaining higher rank is now as easy as abc. I started blogging as hobby and only knew about ranking and domain after few months of blogging. I also learned about Technorati and Alexa rank when I read from other blogger's post about this. Since then, I started to discover how they earn rank in their own blogs. Sometimes I am too busy to update my blog or I have this mood where I can't write anything. But I am too scared of losing my rank so even if I am not in the mood or experiencing this blogger's block, I still find time to post anything so as not to lose my rank. I have too many posts in my draft page that are yet to publish. In short I am running out of words but still blogging is on top of my hobby. I would be happy with higher rank but for now, I would rely on the mouth of the blogger and follow the steps on how they earn ranks in their blogs. I earned money from this hobby and I love blogging more not because I am earning but because I enjoy doing it. Building traffic is just so easy now. This is a great tool in blogging so please check it out now.

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  1. Me too, as a first timer in internet marketing, need more infos on how to do it, must check out that site.


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