Friday, June 18, 2010

school supplies

We were supposed to go out to buy more supplies for my kids but my older daughter came home so tired from school. I let her rest for a while but then she fell in deep sleep. She needs to buy more things for school. School days just started and so we expect more expenses to come this week. Aside from the list that was given to them before the start of schoolyear, we still need to buy more school supplies like index card, manual for Laboratory Science and some drafting materials. Other supplies like printer ink will be purchased online. I think it is cheaper to buy direct at the website, besides I can choose different ink of high quality brand if I purchase it online. Being mom, I need to be smart in buying things for my kids. Days are getting harder today. I have to eliminate buying unnecessary things that are not really important and allocate the money that I saved to other school projects and activities in the future. Are you done with your list too? Here's my school supplies shopping tips for all moms out there. Do your shopping in the most earliest time to avoid the rush and long lines; and shop and compare between two stores and get the best offer, most affordable and discounted price.

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