Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can't find a job?

During those times when I was still looking for a job, I kept submitting my resume to different companies and it was really hard. I hopped from one building to another literally just to submit my resume. Job hunting became a career to me then. But I was so lucky that time, jobs kept on looking for me too. Yes, I searched for them, but there came a time that I have multiple offers and have to weigh things out to help me choose the job that would suit me well. Oh lala. I have to hide myself here. I'm not bragging, I'm just telling the truth. Well, I exerted much effort for that, walking along the street with resume in my hands and submit to my prospective employer is such a tough job. How lucky are these people today, all they need to do is click the website. Less effort, I would say.

I have known a lot of jobless people looking for a job but says they have no luck finding one. Aren't they aware about the website watchmaker jobs? The website will help you search job in your city and this is so easy. Just upload your resume and then browse job openings. Oops don't forget how to sell yourself into your prospective employer. Just be honest and remember that your resume is your passport to success.

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  1. this is so helpful. ill check the site of am jobless. thanks for the info mare.


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