Monday, June 28, 2010

She Bloggers Meet-Up At Dads

She Bloggers Meet-Up last Saturday at Dads Megamall.

I owe Tetcha for the photos below. His son took the photos of us here.
so love this pose. why not. cheeeeez!!
Mommy Earth, Mommy Rossel and Me

Thanks Mommy Rossel for the photo. We all promise that we'll build a career for him and we'll make him famous in world wide web. Haha. So this one's for you, Mr. Robert Castro of Dads Megamall. Yes! he became our instant photographer during our meet-up. Imagine all the cameras of bloggers piled on the table with two or three shots each and he still managed to smile and he never ever showed a single frown on his face. So here's an award for you for being the most accommodating staff! Good service, great food plus yummy merienda, and that makes Dads Megamall an excellent restaurant for me. I bet our next meet up will be at Dads again. Thanks Pehpot! Owver saya!

Look at those smiles! I love it!
BC Blogger Paula, She Blogger Pehpot and Fedz

Pehpot's little princess, our She Blogger Baby "Princess Sati".
I just grabbed the photo. Thanks again Peh!

It was a blast meeting bloggers namely Jade, Chris, Josie, Rossel, Earth, Fedhz, Paula, Tetcha and Pehpot.


  1. it was great to meet you too!

  2. Wahhhh I ak so green with envy lol.. Sana meet din tayo soon lol.. Ganda mo sis hehehe..

  3. awwwwwww.....super ganda ng naka the hair! hiyang na hiyang...ehheehe.....:)I recognize few of the girls on the photos....hehehe...thanks for sharing the pics too, green with envy din ako.....buti pa kau jan!

  4. wow, looks like everyone is really having fun. That is so nice to see your online friends for real :)


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