Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cleaning Equipment

Rainy days are expected to come in two weeks time. It's been raining the past few days already but it was only a little shower not even enough to fill the dam. I wonder if the government is ready for the coming rainy season. When we all suffered from drought caused by El Nino, we all prayed and cried for rain. But now that rain is coming, are we all ready and prepared for this? Well, I hope that there's no devastating flood again this year. Everyone must be aware that simple throwing of small pieces of garbage can clog the drainage.

Yesterday, there were few men cleaning the street along the highway. They were unclogging the drainage for smooth flow of flood going to the river. All garbage were pulled out but these men were complaining yesterday that they lack of equipment to be used to clean the surroundings. I hope that the government provides truck equipment so that these people will have the facilities to get there work done fast. I hope everyone will cooperate in cleaning the environment too and shoulder the responsibility in keeping the Metro clean. We must be a responsible citizen so that heavy flood will never happen again this year.

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