Wednesday, June 30, 2010

keeping the house

I spent time yesterday sorting out old things in the house. I found out that my children have too many books which they used last year. I thought it would be good if I just donate some old books online. For me it is not only a mere contribution of books but sharing love of literacy. It is such a very rewarding feeling aside from keeping the house from too many clutter. I am not an OC mom, I just want to keep things organized. I keep the supplies in place, sorting the old and new one. It is nice to see things and furniture in proper place as it gives positive vibes in my life.

I'm happy for what I've accomplished today. I already pulled out the old clothes as I'm planning to buy a bedroom dresser later. Not today, not tomorrow or next week as I have no enough budget for it. My older daughter would be very surprise once the furniture is delivered in the house. But it wont happen yet as I haven't purchase any. I hope to have more online tasks so I can buy the bedroom dresser soon. I got two opps today but it is not enough to buy the dresser. My children are growing older now and they need more space for their own stuff.

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  1. Oh yeah, parehas tayo, saving up the earnings from blog task to buy shopping:)


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