Friday, January 11, 2013

The coldest months of the year

It seems that January and February are the  coldest months of the year.  I've been seeing   some photos of my friends lately  posted  in social networking site wearing thick clothing like  patagonia ultralight down shirt  while playing with snow.   The weather must be in negative degrees in some parts of  the world by now.  Sometimes I wish I could take a  vacation in a country with  snow so I could enjoy  ice skiing  with my thermal jackets on.  I have some in my closet but I did not bring them during our vacation in  the city of pines.

The weather is typically cold  in highlands but is not really ideal  to wear such.   It  is in this kind of place where you will enjoy your  hot  coffee  more.   I'm  still  wishing  for a longer  vacation  and   now  having  a hard  time  going  back  to normal  life  in the city of  warm  weather  and pollution.

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