Sunday, January 6, 2013

A bit cooler than in lowlands

During  noon time, the City of  Pines  is  a bit  warmer  but you could still feel the cold  air  touching your face even  if  the sun shines at  its brightest.  The temperature is still  ideal for walking with only  thin jacket but on dawn time,  you need to wear some kind of  thick  clothing  like patagonia jacket to keep yourself  warm. The  weather is usually  8 degrees cooler than in lowlands.  It even drops below 10 degrees Celsius during colder months. Aside from cold climate,  this is what I really love about Baguio,  vendors selling  fresh fruits and vegetables in  most  corners  of  the  street.   If  you are in Manila, convenience stores are usual sight  every  few meters   but  here in the City of Pines,  souvenir items and fresh  produce almost stretch  from  tourists spots  to downtown.   I  guess  you  know  by  now   why  I  would  even  love  to  permanently  live here. 

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