Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something gets in my eye

No, not the smoke that got in my eye..

Last week,  I started to feel something strange, a feeling  that there is a  foreign object that invaded my eye.  I did not pay attention to it  because  I thought it was not really serious at all.   It's an external problem just like a dust  because I could see and feel it  in my  eye.    Today,  I felt  irritated that  it  already affected  my whole body,   my mood and my whole being.  I  called up  Manila Eye Specialist for an appointment.  The ophthalmologist who checked my eye  found an eyelash that grew towards  the cornea direction.   The doctor  removed it safely  and there..  my vision came back to normal again.  It really  pays to see a specialist  (literally)   who knows exactly what to do.  Our  eyes are  very delicate so it is just important to see an eye doctor  if you feel something strange  in your eye to avoid any problem  like loss of  vision,  if  not treated properly.   I was given an antibacterial solution to drop into my left eye for five days/four times a day.   I was glad to see an eye doctor early because a corneal abrasion is already starting  to damage my vision.  Corneal abrasions are common but this problem could be so bad because cornea is very sensitive and could be painful sometimes.    I told  my  doctor that I only flushed my eyes with water and did not rub it and he said I  was right  but the eyelash that entered into my  left  eye  already  scratched my  cornea.

Tips when something gets in your eye.

Don't ever rub your eyes with your hands. rubbing can cause abrasion.
If you can't remove it, gently flush your eye with clean water.
Blink your eye several times.
See a specialist. Only an eye doctor could safely remove it.

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