Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey, Mr. DJ

DJs  are cool and hip and they are the life of the parties and events.  When I attended a wedding of a friend, his nephew who's a DJ gave a message with his cool rap. Imagine how cool is that!  Well,  I think that they are  superstars in their own way and are treated special like having the most expensive wine  or the most beautiful girl in the bar.   I am not saying it's another advantage of being a DJ,  but I think that they are really  known to be somebody when they're on stage with their mixers. Search for  a DJ and you'll see  them with lots of  followers on the net. DJ's are popular in their own field with many followers who truly admire DJing art.

I  hope I could  post a longer entry about  DJs   but I guess it will happen  when  I encountered a DJ in one event and have a one on one  interview to understand   what  life  the  DJ  has.   Does becoming a DJ start with enrolling a certain course?  Okay, I will  get an answer when I talk to a DJ or when I'm done with  my detailed study.

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