Monday, January 21, 2013

Discovering your child's talent

My  younger daughter shows interest in music.  There is no perfect time to discover the talents hidden inside   so give all the support that your child needs.  Last year, when she told  me that she wants to be a swimmer,  I  enrolled her to a swimming class and dedicated my time to support her in this field but  she became lazy afterwards.  Swimming isn't  really  her craft.   With the skills that she acquired,  she  lose nothing  because swimming is not only a sport  but also a survival skill.    Now that she seems to love  another field   that is music,  I might enroll her again  to discover what she really wants to do in life.  I might   get  her  a a guitar  to  bring out  her ability and  hidden talent.   There is no harm  if  she  learns how to strum a guitar   just like when she's still into swimming,   because it  is  about  developing the talent inside her   and having  some fun at  the same time.

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