Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baguio Trip Day 1

On Day 1 of our trip, before we headed to Baguio we first stopped by at Our Lady of Manaoag by which  I will  blog in a separate post later.  We reached Baguio at around noontime.  After checking out  our   reservation at  Alecksandra Recedencia, we  unloaded our things and had lunch.  We wanted to maximize our time so after a few minutes rest,  we  proceeded to nearest tourist spots like  Mines View Park, Cordillera World,  Good  Shepherd and Botanical Garden.  We passed by at Laperal House, known to be a haunted house in Baguio   (will  blog in a separate post)  before proceeding to Pink Sisters,  our last destination for the day.

Mines View Park

Our first destination was at  Mines View Park.   Mines View park  is the most visited park  in  Baguio. I said so,  because  it is always also included  in my place-to-visit list when in  Baguio.  At the park,  you can  see a breathtaking panoramic view of  Benguet's  gold mines  and  mountains.  You can also rent a binocular for closer view.  At the entrance park, you will find a  flea market where you can  buy a lot of souvenir items such as jewelries, accessories and local products like baskets, brooms, blankets  and sweaters.

Above photo grabbed  from Occasions of Joy

Cordillera World

The place is located near Mines View Park.  From the name of the place itself, you would know that  it's about  Cordillera and the people of  the province. In less than an hour inside Cordillera World, you would discover more of  the products, handicrafts and  their way of  living. This travel destination was only launched in March 2011.

You can have many photo ops as much as you want  inside the  Cordillera World. You can wear Igorot and take all the pictures  that  you want. Donation is welcome to support  out-of-school youth go back to school and help finance and support  young families.

Good Shepherd Convent

A quick stop at Good Shepherd for Ube Jam. I forgot that I have enough  Ube Halaya back home, left over food  for our New Year celebration.  Good Shepherd is a place where you can  buy goodies and other pasalubong. The most famous products are  Ube Jam, Peanut Brittle and Choco Crinkles.

Good Shepherd is located just a few meters away from Mines View Park, so don't forget to swing around if you're in the vicinity for delicious pasalubong.

Pink Sisters Convent

We arrived at Pink Sister's in perfect timing just before it closed.  Pink Sister's convent is located somewhere along Brent Road in an upscale area  in Baguio. It is not like the usual church where you can hear mass.   The sisters were all  in pink and  meditating when we arrived but we were not allowed to take a photo as  posted inside the convent.  The place is also perfect  to  meditate and reflect. You can also write your wishes/prayers and drop in petition box  located inside the church and the pink sisters will pray for your petitions.  We ended our tour for the day  here  and headed back home. 

Again our big thanks to Mendiolables for another great adventure. If  not  for  the best  event  planner,  now  travel planner,  Joy who prepared the  itinerary  and her better half  John for making the trip  possible,  not to mention his familiarity to  the place via GPS guide,   the trip would have been  cut  to ten,  half  only  of   the  places we visited.   What makes this trip new  is the happy Mendiolables who's always smart  and witty  in making the trip worth every time.

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  1. tara na daw sa baguio, baguio, baguio.

    just finish jogging and ab workout. gotta burn the food we ate last night. dapat pag dating ng march makikita na ang ab ko para sa summer swimming natin!


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