Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baguio Trip Day 3

On the third day of our trip, we checked out early  at  Recedencia  at around 10:30am.  We  packed our things    ready  to go home after a  few more visits to some tourist spots.  Right after our breakfast, we headed straight  to our destination, Lourdes Grotto.

Lourdes Grotto

Lourdes Grotto is located in western part of  Baguio City. During Holy Week, the place is a  favorite site for pilgrimage. Going on top of the grotto takes about 250 steps.  When you reach the top, you may light a candle and say a prayer you want.

Diplomat Hotel

After our visit to Lourdes Grotto, we then proceeded to Diplomat Hotel    which is only about a few meters away,  located on top of  the  Dominican Hill.  

The Biggest Ten Commandments Tablet

Baguio holds the Guinness World record for the  biggest  Ten Commandments Tablet with  its 152.90 square meter (1,650 square foot) high square edifice.   It  is  also  located  on top of   Dominican Hill and inside Diplomat grounds.   The Ten Commandments tablet was  inaugurated by city officials  last October 2011.

We only stayed for a while and prepared ourselves for a 6 hour travel back home to Manila.

Lion's  Head

We never got the chance to stop by at Lion's  Head on our way to Baguio on our first day  so before finally heading back to Manila, we stopped by  in this popular landmark  for  a souvenir photo.   So true,  a trip to Baguio would not  be complete without stopping by  in the famous 40-ft  Lion's Head,  located a few kilometers from the Kennon Road view deck.  Lion's Head was carved  by a Cordillera artist from a limestone boulder.

Mcdo and Jollibee

This is not really a part of itinerary but I want to include this in my Baguio Trip Day 3 entry as our first and last stop.  It is good to feel young sometimes.  Our first stop was an early  breakfast at  Mcdo.  Obviously,  at Mcdo with our hand gestures,  "At home ako dito."   *Not a paid post*  :)   A photo of us  full of energy with our long  trip that's  about  to begin that day..

and our last stop few more minutes before home on the third day,   a  quick dinner at  Jollibee.  Sa Jollibee, Bida ang Saya. :)  The kids all looked very tired  but we're almost near  Manila.

I wish I could stop the time and spend more nights and days in Baguio. I love the atmosphere, the weather and the people.   pine trees,  night market,  downtown  and most of all,  I love the trip with  Mendiolables! Awesome!

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