Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Love Never Dies

I fell in love with Baguio from the first time I visited the place way back 19forgotten.  Oh boy,  excuse me for my slang word here.  I  just changed the title from "A Taste of Baguio"  to catch your attention.  Kidding, I was just hoping for some miracles that the climate in highlands extends down here. Ok enough for the segue. I haven't done yet with my post  with my  Baguio Trip Day 3  which is now   a  preserved  jelly in my  draft page and  here we are now longing   to go back and visit Baguio  after watching the news.  Now is the best time to stroll around  the City of  Pines and   feel the  cold climate  with  7 degrees and below temperature.  Must  be a  winter  outfit  theme  vacation.  I knew it,  because when it is cold in Manila,  Baguio is 10 degrees cooler.  Or maybe,  Tagaytay  is next best option.

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