Friday, January 11, 2013

Baguio Trip Day 2

You wouldn't appreciate Baguio if you don't wake up early in the morning and experience a chilly walk in the park. That's what I believe because it is coldest in this time of the day.  On the second day of our trip, me and my friend Joy had a short  walk   to convenience store to grab some frozen meat products   for breakfast.  It was kind of cold and  we weren't  prepared and should have worn  thicker clothing. I could feel the chilly air in my face. I may be exaggerating  if  a  local in  Baguio read this post because I am used to Manila with typically warm temperature even during dawn time.:)

So here's a quick shot of  us.  Yey,  we  got to wear  a  hoody  in Baguio.

And  here's what we had for breakfast on the second day.  I suggest  travelers  who are looking  for  cheap  accommodation  to look  for  transients  home.  If  you opt  to stay  in a  hotel,  a  lot  of  accommodations are available  in the city.  Check  some  reviews and website for more options.  

After  our  sumptuous breakfast,  we headed our first destination, Bell Church and later proceeded to Strawberry Farm.

Bell Church

Unlike the famous spots like Mines View Park, Burnham Park and more,   Bell Church is less visited by tourists. It is one of  Baguio's lesser known landmarks.  The Bell Church is located north of the downtown area of  Baguio  along the road  leading to La Trinidad where  Strawberry Farm  is located.  The building is designed with flags, bells and dragons.  

Strawberry Farm

One of the most popular destination when in La Trinidad is Strawberry Farm. Tourists are allowed to pick fresh strawberry at  400/kilo but you can also buy freshly picked strawberry  at  a lower price.  For a traveler like me who literally travel light, I chose to buy from the vendors  with pre- packed freshly picked  strawberry  at  a  price of   P100/kilo.  Picking  strawberry costs a little higher  than  pre-packed.   If   you want  to experience picking, then go ahead, its more fun if you do it  yourself  because you can choose  the  freshest and reddest strawberry.   If  you are a city girl,  you better try picking,  because the memories are  surely   much fun  to keep.

I choose strawberries that are not fully ripe  because it wasn't our last activity that day and I need to keep it  fresh  till we come back home  to Manila.

Also available  at  the farm  aside from strawberry are cabbage,  lettuce and broccoli.  It was our first time to visit La Trinidad and  see  the  Strawberry Farm,  the only place in Baguio with flat stretch of land. 

Broccoli is available at  P100/4 pieces. It's a lot cheaper than in Baguio Public Market.

Tam -Awan Village

I have no idea of Tam-Awan Village and haven't read of it in other blogs unlike the Laperal House and   Diplomat Hotel   that my kids and I are always wanting to visit.  It was included in our itinerary for the day  right after Strawberry Farm stop.

The Tam-awan Village is located in the northwestern part of the city. You need to pay a minimum entrance fee at the gate.   You need to climb uphill and steep pathways from one hut to another.  It  surely  is a good exercise  but  make  sure to wear the right shoes that is  comfortable  enough for a  few minutes hiking.  It was a breathtaking experience when you reach the top where you can see the view  of La  Union Province and Gulf of Lingayen. Such an amazing reward after a  tiring climb. 

Grabbed the above photo from Occasions of Joy

I took this shot near the peak of  garden in the sky.

One of the huts inside Tam-Awn Village.  This is  the typical  Igorot huts   where you can picture  how the homes of the mountain people look like.

Arko Ni Apo

Right across Tam-Awn Village is Arko ni Apo. I have no knowledge about what is inside Arko ni Apo and who is  Ben-Hur Villanueva until Joy introduced me to the man who was  busy working with his masterpiece during our visit.

Ben Hur Villanueva, a sculptor, painter and art educator  founded his gallery workshop in Baguio after he retired  from teaching at  Ateneo de Manila . Among his notable sculptures are:  Kapit Bisig,   Among Supremo,  Thy Will Be Done,  St. Aloysius Gonzaga and  Risen Christ  at Caleruega Nasugbu Batangas. Villanueva is best  known as a sculptor, working with brass, metal and wood.

Before this visit , I have zero knowledge about sculptures in famous landmarks in different parts of the country.  I  was totally surprised because the man whom we visited,  Ben-Hur Villanueva created some of those.    When we asked for what project  he was  currently doing, he replied, "if  I can please others,  why can't  I please myself."   He was making the  bull sculpture  for his own happiness and fulfillment.   We asked permission to take photos and he allowed us  to roam around the art gallery.  Every pieces of  arts  displayed were  truly amazing. I can't exactly  define the feeling  but it's unbelievable how those pieces of  arts  were made.  Unimaginable. Glad that we included the place to our destination.  Now I appreciate more about art.  Next time I visit the Global City,  I know  who made the Among Supremo - Andres Bonifacio sculpture,  that's  a masterpiece from  Ben-Hur Villanueva.

Ben Cab Museum

From Arko ni Apo, we then proceeded to BenCab Museum located in  Asin Road known as Km 6 Tadiangan  Tuba, Benguet.  Benedicto Reyes Cabrera, known as  BenCab,   is a Filipino painter and was awarded National Artist  of  the Philippines for Visual Arts in 2006.  It is definitely a must visit  place  when you're in Baguio. You can find different collections of  his paintings, indigenous Cordillera art and the works of  Filipino masters and contemporary artists.

Asinan Carving Village

Located along Asin Road, you will find Asinan Carving Village, a place where carved furniture and figurines are made.  You can buy them on wholesale and a lot  cheaper if you know how to make a deal.

Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay is a haven for nature because of its numerous pine trees inside. It is located at southeastern side of   Baguio City.  It is cooler in Camp John Hay.  It is the only  remaining protected pine forest reservation of the city according to their website.   It has 250,00 pine trees and average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.   We just made a quick visit at shopping area and  commissary and headed straight to Baguio Country Club. 

Baguio Country Club

Our last stop for the day before heading home.

Burnham Park

It is during night time where you will appreciate Burnham Park more because it is much cooler in temperature and there are fewer people  compared during daytime where people flock to go boating and bicycle rides. After dinner we walked down to the park to  burn some calories. We then proceeded to night market and went home late afterwards. Did I mention I had my first goal in Baguio? Ah, wait til my next post. My  first  ever soccer ball kick happened at Burnham Park in  Baguio.

It was  tiring  but more fun on the second day  in  the City of Pines.  Strawberry Farm,  Tam-Awan, BenCab, Arko ni Apo  were amazing sight  that  you shouldn't miss   when you  visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines,  Baguio.


  1. My family's going to Baguio next month. (Sana i'm not busy that weekend) So anyway, i always wanted to go to the Tam-Awan Village. You tink my aging parents can climb it? :)

    I look forward to going back to BenCab Museum. Ang ganda talaga dun.

  2. grabe, we did all those in just a day!!! yan ang ang pinakamadami naming nagawa among our many visits at BAGUIO.

  3. I miss traveling tsk 😞 sarap sa Baguio noh :)

    our family



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