Friday, January 18, 2013

How to treat first degree burns

I accidentally pulled the kettle towards myself while  I was filling  in my mug  for a hot coffee  with   boiling water and  it  went straight to my body.   It was boiling and really hot but  I only  acquired  first degree   burns.  However,  first or third degree is still painful.  Let me post this entry to give   my clumsiness  a good purpose after all,  that is to  give you some tips and warn  you all to be very careful.

Immediately, I  gave myself   first aid and ran tap water to the affected area.  I consulted Mr. G  for some suggestions  like  treatment and ointment for  fast healing.  First degree burns usually have swelling and redness of  the injured area.  I have blisters at about 6 inches but the whole affected area  was  about 12 inches wide.  Pain developed  few minutes  later   but   it subsides after  putting  Burnsil ointment in the affected areas.
How to treat first degree burns.
  • Remove patient from heat source.
  • Run cool tap water (not icy water) over burnt area. 
  • Gently  clean the injured area.
  • Gently dry.   Apply anti biotic such as Silver Sulphadiazine
  • Use a sterile bandage to cover burns
  • Take tetanus vaccination, if required.

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