Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Could have been another adventure for life!

I  was  invited to be a guest reviewer  of a pop TV show but declined the offer during  the last minute.  I  was PMS-ing on the day before the shoot and the episode was an adventure but does not require  a guest to be  a professional in this  field,  swimming  or  wake boarding.   The opportunity  just  came in  not-so-perfect timing.  It was supposed  to be my  first TV exposure and   the thought of  being  in the scene with celebrity host and guest  was  overwhelming.   Whew!    It  would have been an amazing experience to  be an equestrian  for a  moment as part of  the outfit  in horse back riding episode.  I knew I could make it in other activities but not   wake boarding.  I doubt  if I could balance my weight in this  sport.   I surely  would  lose  the grip in tow rope and  fall in the water.  I watched the show last night and  it  was  extremely  fun.   I could  just imagine if   I said yes,   it surely would be an adventure to remember  for  life.  


  1. It would have been a great experience but the timing wasn't right. Or maybe, fate doesn't want you to go wakeboarding without us...

  2. mag wakeboarding talaga tayo? haha. need to work out my weight, would be funny to post all flops and fall in the deep.


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