Thursday, July 4, 2013

Are you Planning for a Camping Trip?

When you go on a camping,  you usually forget  a lot of  things in your list.   Sometimes, even if you have the list,  you still  fail to bring what is necessary   specially the  most important  ones  to be used in the camp site. You tend to minimize  your  list  and  utilize  only  one  tool  that can be used for all  purposes.   Of course,  you cannot just trust any kinds of  device.  Make sure you have the most trusted one like the available tools at for utility knives.   The things that you  should bring depends on the place where you would camp out and the length of  your stay.   If you are going to stay near a spring, of course,  you only need to bring safe drinking water but if you are going to camp out  in a  dry land,  bring enough water to use for cooking and for  personal hygiene.

Camping Checklist.

Clothes.   Bring clothes that are  appropriate for the weather.  You really cannot tell the condition of  the weather. It changes quickly so  bring  both light and thick clothes. Bring sleepwear, boots, jackets, socks, and  extra shirts.

Miscellaneous.   Flashligh, Whistle, Maps, Camera, Garbage Bag,

Survival kit  that includes, bottled water, biscuit, personal medicines,  whistle and maps.

You can bring books and board games too.

If you want to have more fun   and go home with only good memories,  be prepared always.  Camping  could  be a  nightmare with only a tent  as a roof  but if could be  more fun under the stars and the the moon   if  you are ready beforehand.

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