Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Falls of Bolinao

This is another long overdue post as part of  our  Pangasinan Tour - Bolinao series.   It  just sitted on my mind  and my draft page for more than a month  now.   If you're lost with the topic,  hover your mouse to the  right side bar  and check the label,  Bolinao.  Oh sorry  if I am saying this,    I was just assuming  that this post  has  been stored  and  long preserved   due to  my over crushing. 

So here's our trip to the falls of Bolinao.

Tara Falls

We've lost our way  and entered the wrong unpaved road  twice.    Because we ended up a dead end,  we asked the farmer  that we met   which way to take  to reach  the Tara Falls.  We went back to high way again   and asked   some locals  that pointed  us to another direction.  The road  was narrow and  rough and it was already starting to get dark.   We were rushing because we still need  to go to  another falls, that is  Bolinao Falls by which the owner of  Bing's Resort  told us to be early because it was an off road and there were no electricity  along the way.

This is the  stiff curve and rough  road going to Tara Falls. 

Look at the photo above.   How did we get  there? :)     There were no people around except us.    We all thought we were lost again.  We just followed the sound of  the  water and there we reached  Tara Falls.

We couldn't do anything here. The water  was  not ideal to swim.  We  just  came here for  photo ops and to  see what the place can offer.   There were some picnic tables nearby and  we saw some disposable utensils around.  We  just took some photos and quickly left the place.

Bolinao Falls

Our next destination, Bolinao Falls was another rough road trip.  We  just  asked some locals and gave us a direction to get there.  We couldn't see any  sign.  We  were already near the falls  when we saw  this, see photo below.  You wouldn't notice it unless  you're eyes are good in it .

And a few more meters away,  we saw  another signs again.   There, we knew we're on the right track and  near the place,   at last!

And a few more trekking to reach the falls, about 250 meters away.

And finally..  Hurray  Bolinao Falls!

There were some people swimming at the falls.  It was nearing dusk so we just took some photos and did not explore much of the place.

The clear water  and the sound of  water  at the falls  were just so refreshing.

The natural pool..

We struggled  hopping from one rock to another.  The water was clear, however,   the rocks were  slippery and  we  needed  to walk carefully and slowly  for  accidents may happen  when we step on  mossy and slippery rocks.  I say,  the place is not ideal for little kids or even adults  if clumsy  like  me. 

After a few minutes of   trekking, we were like running out of breath and took some cold refreshment as soon we reached  the uphill side of the falls ..

Our  Bolinao adventures ended here and rushed to go back to highway.   Joy's son's craving's  was infectious that  spread  to us  and we're all   like little kids craving  for simple joy,  dining-in  Chicken Joy  at  Jollibee.

I will post a separate entry  of  the places to visit when  you're in  Bolinao and  my recommendation where to stay  in Pangasinan.  I  just  hope I'd be able to post  it  before Christmas. :)


  1. The water looks crystal clear and a nice place where people can swim. Will add this to my bucket list.

  2. Hi Ms. Nora! I hope you still remember me. I seated beside you during the BlueWater Day Spa event.

    I haven't been to Bolinao but I hope I can go there next summer.

  3. I haven't been to Bolinao and it looks really nice there...

  4. it seems like you had a great time exploring Pangasinan :) naku malabo pa na makapunta kame

  5. we really had fun here, talking about those kambing!


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