Monday, July 1, 2013

Pinoy Kids Activate New Movement for Kid Empowerment

Filipino kids are on the move to change the world as Tang Philippines intensifies its advocacy for kid empowerment through the launch of Tang Galing Club Virtual World, which will be holding its first-ever clubhouse meeting for the growing number of active children who have pledged to take part in making a difference through recycling.

The Tang Galing Club Virtual World provides a real-life “gamified” experience of how kids can go and contribute change to the world. With the use of fun and interactive activities online, it allows them to envision and realize that inside everyone of them is a hero waiting to be unleashed.

“We believe that by tapping the ideals of the Filipino children, we can start pushing for greater changes in society. That is why Tang, the Philippines most consumed flavored beverage in the household, decided to invest in an advocacy program which aims to empower kids and tap their heroism through Tang Galing Club,” said Alex Tacderas, Kraft Foods Philippines’ category marketing manager for Beverages.

The Club’s first real-life mission is the recycling drive called, Project RecyClass. This project aims to empower children to collect used foil packs, which will be recycled to make flood-proof plastic school chairs via a technology that is available in the Philippines. These chairs will soon be donated to selected public schools in Metro Manila, aiming to supplement the need for them in classrooms.

The mission was brought about by the recent findings of the online survey conducted by the Tang Galing Club (, which revealed that 50 percent of its young members consider “caring for the environment” as the issue closest to their hearts.

Of this, Alex said, “Recycling is a good thing to do, especially for kids. It makes them feel good to do it. By instilling that kind of mentality at a very young age, the more they become serious and feel empowered to do great things.”

In the Philippines, it is reported that around 4.6 million kilos of plastic waste are generated every day, with a significant portion of it coming from packaging materials, such as plastic foils and containers.

Through Project RecyClass, Tang and the Tang Galing Kids aim to help address this environmental concern by reducing waste foil packs and by saving trees, since it takes three full-grown trees to create a single school chair.

“Our dedication to the country goes beyond the products and brands that we offer. We want to make a difference. And with this recycling drive, we will be able to reuse our foil packs, instead of cutting trees, to make thousands of plastic classroom chairs,” Tacderas explained.

“But the real change happens with our empowered kids. Through this advocacy, we will be able to awaken the real heroes in them and soon show the world just how great they can be,” he added.

For more information about the Tang Galing Club and Project RecyClass, please visit and its Facebook account,

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