Saturday, July 27, 2013

Max Touches My Heart

Having  pets is like having a friend  and a  new member of   the family.  Losing  them  is  just  as difficult   as  losing a friend.   I  knew how it felt  like  and  letting  go of  our  pet   who has been with us for  about  four years  and we went through a period of grieving.   He was my little guy.  I gave him my time,  love and  affection.  It  was hard  for  me  to  provide  him  a new  home and coping up  was difficult.  There's something inside me  that  tells  not to  give him up but  it only caused much pain to myself  too.   I want to think  I'm   that  bad  letting him go  but   keeping him longer means  risking my older daughter's  health condition more.   The doctor advised us  to get rid of  pet  and  that made me decide to finally  have someone to adopt him.  If you're going to ask me how I feel now?   It's been many months ago  and yes,  I  still  miss him.

Okay.  That was my story and my pet.    The story  I would be pressing  now  is also about the  two fur babies  that  welcomed us at  Dive and Trek  last  summer.  Probably, you were thinking who they  were and how they've become a part of our life just for a day.   We just met them at the resort.   They're not actually babies anymore.  Bogart, the white furry dog,   is almost in his senior years and could hardly walk.  He's a little overweight  and  his aging years  prevent  him to move fast.

The black furry one  is  Max.   Both dogs kept us company the whole day and became our tour guide,  security  force  that team  up together and  instant  friends  at the resort.

My older daughter is not really a lover of   petite  dog.   She never ever once cuddle our pet  but  she  never  hates  our pet shih-tzu.  She doesn't like a  toy breed kind of pet.  She would always tell me that she wants to adopt  a sporting  dog  to  be her  jogging buddy.   During our stay at the resort,  we  felt at home and comfortable with these two doggies.   She   had  this  instant connection with them and  wished  we could  take these two doggies  home.

The whole day at the resort  was made fun  with both  Bogart and Max.   Bogart  even swam himself and joined with us  to the raft.

Max  was sweeter and would always impressed us by rolling himself  over the sand and doing some tricks. 

We  knew  that these two doggies felt  that  they're loved.  The Mendiolables however are dog lovers.   They own a dog named Dengue.

This is my daughter with Max up close.  

Bidding goodbye was such a hard thing to do.  In our whole day trip, we felt like we knew him  for life. What could this doggy telling my daughter a   few moments before we left  the resort?   Sometimes the dogs try  to speak for themselves and figure out how to express their feelings  by growling, barking or rolling on the ground.

We bid goodbye to all the staff at the resort.  We  looked into Max's eyes and said goodbye too.   He was  deeply  sad.  We probably couldn't  hear him say a word but  we  knew what he exactly wanted  to say.

Off  we  went  on the boat one by one.  When  we're all  boarded and   the boatman started to sail  the boat away,  we we're surprised because   Max   jumped off the water and  swam himself  heading  to our   vessel.    

The  boatman  instructed him to swim back the shore  because we were  already  moving  away and getting deeper in the sea. We we're touched by his gesture and  left the resort  with our  heart badly broken.   As I zoomed-in my camera,  I  saw   Max's eyes  in tears.

Oh,.. Max,  you just don't know I  feel .. 

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