Wednesday, February 12, 2014

View from Wooden Cabana

This was my view last Saturday  in my friend's house,  my favorite spot  in her crib,  the cabana.     I felt  so relaxed  with my body laid  flat on the bench.  There is  a  swing but it made me a bit nauseous   like I was riding a roller coaster so I  didn't stay  there for long.  Inspired by the resort,  my friend is planning to put some white curtain to give a different atmosphere.  All the furniture in their house are made of  these hard material.  They sold all  the old  stuff  but kept  the  wood plaques   that are  intended to display  in their new house.

It's  just so cool to stay under this shade  like I was imagining myself  having a quiet moment  in  a  Resort & Spa but the reality is,  I was actually  in the middle of  a busy street.

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