Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Day at the Garage Sale

Yard sale serves us a lot of benefits.  Bonding, earning, discovering life and getting rid of our own trash/mess,  to name a few.    Everyday has a different story.  So to say,  it's always a day full of fun.

During our garage sale,  I checked all my friend Joy's  items which I think I can wear  in the future.   I felt some kind of regrets selling and seeing   old  stuff  being given away.

I checked through all the clothes for sale  and took this one that shines,  out of the many items  on the rack.  I found it, literally, shinning shimmering gold.  My friend Joy was selling this  almost on  a steal price,  like yes, a giveaway.  For $2, you can have 3 to 5 items while some of them were rarely use.

So I got the gold sleeve blouse   and matched it with blue scarf.  Tadaaa!    I was supposed to wear this in  coming  event but since I already wore it  here like I am already at the event,  I am thinking to save it in next few months till I buried this post in my old archive.

And so I saved these two,  gold and blue..

The clothes that we are selling, but just  saved them  for a different purpose.

Battling middle life  crisis becomes easier when there is  someone beside  you that keeps reminding the valuable  purpose of   this emotion in  life.

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