Friday, February 28, 2014

Musical Event to Remember

At the launch of "Air We Breath" campaign,  held at Makati Shngrila few weeks ago,  we seated at table  2 right in front of the  orchestra to feel  good music while having a sumptuous lunch. It felt good to be serenaded  that it gave me  good vibes thus made me feel even better that day.

After the orchestra, Kim Chui went up to the  stage and gave a dance number  to support the campaign.   After then,  Arnel Pineda   shared his  interesting stories about his journey and  sang  two songs leaving us longing to hear more from him.    I wanted to request for more if I only I could but  yeah, it's only a limited number and not a concert with to   jam  with  his band over thousands people over  the crowd.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed a lot that day  that I already marked this event in my 2014 calendar as  the highlight of year 2014  but you see, we're only on the last day of  February.  It was truly  another wonderful experience with my favorite international artist. 

I was right there right in front of him and our eyes connect.  I was more like, Oh no. Is this really happening.

Arnel's voice is truly amazing.  It's not only the range and timbre (yeah, it's already given, and  his voice  is huge),  but  it's how he interprets and connects with  the audience that make him a great singer.

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