Friday, October 18, 2013

The Convenience of Shopping Online

This year, I  dropped one list in our usual weekend, shopping.  I only go to supermarket for grocery supplies.  I only shop  when really needed like a buying a birthday  gift  and when I did, I shop this item online. It is easier and more convenient   to avoid the hassle of getting stuck into  traffic and  pollution.   Hard to find items online  are available nearly everywhere  anyway.   Shopping online also give me more time to decide  without the sales person  to entice me to buy.

Do you buy items because it is on sale?  Don't!  Because sale items are just a part of  usual  marketing strategy.  Buy a sale item only when you really need it and not just because it is on sale.  Imagine if you buy a dress  just  because  the store drop down the price but you couldn't wear it because it doesn't really  fit  you well.  You  waste a lot of  money  even if  the items are sold  with a big discount.  

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